Goddess Confidence Retreat Day…

ON PAUSE FOR 2020… if you would like to know about our new Goddess Virtual Retreats, you can get in touch here  

Much love Margaret xx

 Goddess Confidence Retreat Day..

Do you feel disconnected from your own Feminine power?

Are you ready to Ignite your own passions?

Do you feel you’ve lost your own spark?

Are you ready to live in a more Confident Feminine Creative Way? 

Would you love to be supported by a like minded group of women for the day?

Have you answered YES to one or all of the above questions, then this a perfect day for you…


The Retreat day is a day for you to step back from your every day life, with a small group of women…

 Also included at a  Goddess Confidence Retreat Day  a beautiful  buffet lunch, teas, coffees, light refreshments and some amazing women to share it with!

After attending a Goddess Confidence Retreat Day

Andria had this to say:

“This has been such an inspiring day and empowering, I feel more at ease with myself “ Andria, UK

Happy Goddess on VIP DAY

Goddess Confidence Retreat Day! 

Details below…

  • Date ON PAUSE FOR  2020 
  • Time 10.00am till 3.00pm
  • Venue The Garvock House Hotel,  Dunfermline,  Fife,  Scotland ,UK
  • Your Investment  £97.00
  • What is included  Light refreshments, tea, coffee and a delicious buffet lunch.
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Meet your host Margaret MacDonald,

Reiki Master/Spiritual Teacher, came the deep desire & Soul Calling for Margaret to help Empower women in a new way. 

One way you can experience this, is to attended a Goddess Workshop/Mini Retreat Day. 

If you’ve read this far my lovely, you aren’t here by chance, its time to trust your own wisdom nudge, Buy your ticket Now 

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With Love

Margaret xx