Seeing the beauty in Lockdown April 2020

Seeing the beauty in Lockdown April 2020 – is this possible? First off I want to say my heart goes out to all of the family’s that have truly been effected by Corvid 19 virus and huge thank you to every single person out on the front line, you are all Angels in my eyes… Continue reading »

I’ve Never Done Life This Way Before

Ive never done life this way before… Last year sadly I lost my Dad to cancer and the same year I became an empty nester. In my grieving process I’ve found it very helpful to write again, this is what came to me recently…   I’ve Never Done Life This Way Before I’ve never done Continue reading »

Stepping Through Your Comfort Zone

Stepping through your comfort zone (going on London underground alone)  Have you ever really wanted to do something and talked your self right back out of it ? I used to be pretty good at this , till I started to see what I was up too. Fasten your seat belt Goddess were off too London! Continue reading »

I Want To Go

This was my very first prose I WANT TO GO, that got published in a gorgeous book called Fingerprints around twenty years ago. If someone had asked me back then whats your message. I would have handed them this book and asked them to read it. I never realised this is what I was actually Continue reading »

Do You Trust Your Inner Goddess?

This morning I got the nudge to go for a walk, at one of my favorite little spots, about 5 minutes  from where I live to “fill up my cup’ … before I started work. I had no idea that I would have the most amazing experience ever with three beautiful horses… As I stopped Continue reading »

Happy Imbolc Day Goddess

Happy Imbolc day Goddess – February 1st Celebrating Goddess Brigit whos message is “Don’t Back Down” “Stand up for what you believe is right”.. Here is a little more about Brigit for you Brigit is a Celtic triple goddess, which means that she represents three aspects of women; the young virgin, the nurturing and loving Continue reading »

Overcoming Fear of Writing My First Blog

Overcoming fear (and a first blog) I am doing something I have dreamed about for most of my life (writing) online. I have put it off because I like to write with “a good old  fashioned pen and paper”. Well that’s the story I have been telling myself and believing it… When the truth is “I’ve been Continue reading »