I Want To Go

This was my very first prose I WANT TO GO, that got published in a gorgeous book called Fingerprints around twenty years ago. If someone had asked me back then whats your message. I would have handed them this book and asked them to read it. I never realised this is what I was actually Continue reading »

Do You Trust Your Inner Goddess?

This morning I got the nudge to go for a walk, at one of my favorite little spots, about 5 minutes  from where I live to “fill up my cup’ … before I started work. I had no idea that I would have the most amazing experience ever with three beautiful horses… As I stopped Continue reading »

Happy Imbolc Day Goddess

Happy Imbolc day Goddess – February 1st Celebrating Goddess Brigit whos message is “Don’t Back Down” “Stand up for what you believe is right”.. Here is a little more about Brigit for you Brigit is a Celtic triple goddess, which means that she represents three aspects of women; the young virgin, the nurturing and loving Continue reading »

Overcoming Fear of Writing My First Blog

Overcoming fear (and a first blog) I am doing something I have dreamed about for most of my life (writing) online. I have put it off because I like to write with “a good old  fashioned pen and paper”. Well that’s the story I have been telling myself and believing it… When the truth is “I’ve been Continue reading »