About Me

A little bit about Margaret MacDonald ~Your Confidence Coach Hello beautiful, thank you for visiting my website, my name is Margaret MacDonald. 

I believe life is like a book, you have some really good chapters, some you would rather skip and some you cant wait to get to the end off ! 

 Women sometimes need to start a new chapter which your not always quite ready for ! Are you?

Its amazing how much easier Life’s Challenges, Changes and Transitions can be with the help and support of your very own Life Coach.  

Are you ready to get the Life Coaching  support you deserve? I’m here for you to begin a new chapter …I can help you, just click  coaching  lets help you start your new chapter!



Some other stuff About Me …

 You will most likely find me in nice coffee shops with a latte enjoying some cake. Or spending time at the movies with my two grandsons…

 Angels, Crystals, Dancing, Travel are all my Goddess thing too 🙂 

That’s enough about me, the truth is, I’m more interested in where you are right now…

If you’ve read this far (thank you) I believe your own wisdom has guided you to me!

Would you like to know more and see how I can help you?

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 All my Love

Margaret xx