Hello beautiful, thank you for visiting my website. My name is Margaret MacDonald, founder of Goddess in the City

Formally a Hairdresser & Reiki Master/Spiritual Teacher, came the deep desire & Soul Calling for me  to help women in a new way.


What that way was going to be, I had no idea, all I knew was  that I didn’t want to be a hairdresser anymore, or teach Reiki, my heart just wasn’t in it. It was very restless time, confusing and often I felt very disconnected.

 From pain to Empowering Women…

A Slip on the stairs two broken fingers later was my answer from the Universe (Ouch) 

Through tears, fears and all, I received Devine guidance in the form of a whisper… 

“Margaret you will do what you do ALREADY, without all of your TOOLS.”

I knew that this meant all of my hairdressing tools would go as well as everything else I had collected over the last 40 years working with women.(Big tool bag) ha 

I trusted this profound guidance I received which has led me to become a Woman’s Empowerment Coach.(That’s me with some of my amazing clients in the pic after a Goddess Retreat Day) 

Goddess in the City as an embodiment of my life’s work that together working with my amazing clients I help them to Empower their self in a way that works for them with fun too.


Some other stuff about Margaret, you will most likely find her in nice coffee shops with a latte or a pot of tea, enjoying some cake. Or spending time at the movies with her two grandsons…

Margaret also loves  Angels, Crystals , dancing, travel and her new found passion writing. She is also very pleased to say, her fingers healed beautifully!

That’s enough about me, the truth is, I’m more interested in where you are right now…

If you’ve read this far (thankyou) I believe your own wisdom has guided you to me!

Does my story resonate with you?

Would you like to get to know me a bit more and see how I can help and support you?

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 All my Love

Margaret xx