About Me

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     A big warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting my website . 

Before I discovered  my dream job & business  let’s just say I had been on a journey trying to discover what was I going to do next and the big  HOW !

 I was very confused with no clarity which deeply effected my confidence.  I started to feel so restless and often overwhelmed with so many ideas that would come like a hurricane at times . (Hurricane Maggie I call it now) my entrepreneurial journey was taking me in a new direction ,which way I  had no idea!



A fall on the stairs and two broken fingers later was my helping hand from the Universe (Ouch!).

After the “slip”,

I heard this guidance (through the tears and all).

“Margaret, you don’t need any of your tools now.  You will do what you do already without your tools !

I  felt this profound sense of calm

(Tools being my hairdressing kit and my bag of miracles as I often called it ha)

Allow me to introduce Goddess in the City, you see I had no idea that I would travel to Italy or London to work with my own coach and meet so many amazing women, yet the desire was always there to travel and stay in really nice places!

Now  inspired with my work the restlessness has gone and I know I am heading in the right direction . I invest in my own high end coaching which  my clients benefit so much from . I host retreats for Group Coaching ,I work with my clients one on one from any where in the world (as long as we have internet) . Recently I have got myself a nice little office for more up close and personal Coaching for local ladies !

Coaching is an investment to help support my own while going through this Career and business transition I did some Temping work and as wisdom would have it  I now rent my own office from the company .

Some other stuff About Me. I have three grown up kids from 18- 34 and two amazing grandsons.  I love Angels, Crystals, and lots of Chocolate . You will often find me in nice coffee shops with a fatty latte and cake .My own dream is to live somewhere warm in the winter and come back home to Scotland now and then!

Wisdom leads the way, we follow . When you do you never know where it will lead you Goddess, if you have read this far lets see if I can help you now!

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Sending you so much love,

Margaret xx