Hello Goddess my name is Margaret MacDonald ~Helping Ignite Your Confidence To Live The Life You Deserve...

Before doing my Goddess thing allow me to share my story. When I became fifty, that year I had more accidents than I had my whole life.

The morning after the night before of my 50th birthday party.

I woke up with a very swollen leg, which turned out to be a torn meniscus OUCH… 

This injury took months to heal, so I had to give up my attic studio in town and take my hair & complimentary therapy business mobile.

Just as I was getting back on my feet (pardon the pun) 🙂 came the second one, a slip on the stairs while decorating left me with two broken fingers OUCH

In the midst of the pain I screamed out to the universe what will I do, how will I work?

I received this guidance…

“Margaret you will do what you do already, without all of your tools”

Even though I was in agony, I felt such a profound sense of calm, you see I had this inner calling to do something else!

I knew exactly what it meant ‘without all of your tools‘ this was my hair & therapies tool kit…the doing what you do already took a few years to unravel!

I went on to study Coaching and along the way I had a huge insight…

I saw that I suffered from not feeling good enough, which amazed me as after all of the years I invested and studied personal development/ growth, that this was the problem.

That’s the beauty of insight though, it never has the same hold on you, especially when we start to understand ..ITS NOT TRUE 🙂

Now a few years on and my Goddess in the City Coaching wings on, I want to help as many women as I can to feel good enough and feel empowered in all areas of her life.

Now with hindsight behind me I can see that I’ve been helping empower women for years. I don’t do her roots at the same time now:)… that’s what my guidance meant!

I’ve went on to host Goddess in person workshops- retreats and work with some amazing women..

I work online with my clients too,  it never ceases to amaze me that the touch of a link I can be on a call with my clients any where in the world…

Some other stuff about Goddess in the City 

I loved the girls from way back, even thought of myself a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw, so you can imagine when I received  the name Goddess in the City. It came to me in a dream, I bought the domain at 4.44 am.

I was hooked right away, I knew I would be calling in women like me who were ready to grow spiritually and become more empowered in all areas of her life.

Some other stuff about me…

I’ve entered a new season as we women do. This season sees me learning to live life without my Dad (he passed away in December 2019) and being child free (they’ve all flown the nest)…

Death and Birth are all part of our life Cycle, this new season is Birthing a new life and one thing I’m sure off, is my Dad would be shouting from the roof top to keep going, so I am…

Astrology, Crystals, Angels, Goddesses and Coaching are all I use in my tool kit now, with a fair bit of wisdom thrown in too.

Ok my lovely that’s enough about me, if your still reading this then I believe its no accident, somehow you were meant to read my story.

Maybe some of it resonates with you ?

If you would like to get to know me more or see how I can help you ?

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Much Love

Margaret xx