Seeing the beauty in Lockdown April 2020!

Seeing the beauty in Lockdown April 2020 – is this possible?

First off, I want to say my heart goes out to all the family’s that have truly been affected by Corvid 19 virus and huge thank you to every single person out on the front line, you are all Angels in my eyes…

As April is ending, it is time to reflect on all the amazing things that have happened since going on lockdown and the not so good!

I am going to start off with Healing…

The lock down so far has allowed me to heal more, in ways I had not even realized that I still needed too. I have had time to grieve more for the loss of my Dad, that I did not even know was still needing to pour out of me!

My body has been healing too. Before the lock down I was getting messages from my feet (yes, our body speaks to us, if we listen). Was I paying attention to this? (not really) It let me see just how much pain I was in that I ignored.

The difference in my legs and feet are amazing since I have had time to realign again over this last 6 weeks.

Are you receiving any messages from your body? Any form of pain is an indicator it is time to pay attention…

Reconnecting with my own Soul speed and not the speed of what I was reacting to.

So many of us do this without even thinking. Its Yes to this Yes to that and before you know it, all you promised your self did not happen again…

Hands up I was caught up in this one, now I have come back to centre again. I am moving at my own Soul speed; it is amazing how fast I was living even though I thought I was going with the flow!

No wonder I was tired! 🙂

How about you beautiful, are you moving at your own Soul speed or are you caught up in the fast lane of life?

Creating & Igniting Joy again even during grief and the lockdown by playing with miracles and my garden. Behind my garage there was a very unloved part of the garden and to be honest I truly needed a miracle to take this on and do it by myself.
Long story short, what a transformation already its now called the miracle garden 😊 the next phase is putting lots of love into the soil preparing it for planting herbs veggies and some flowers.

This project (that I put off for 12 years) has brought me so much Joy. To start with lots of tears for my Dad. Allowing tears is so good for you and I personally do not care when they come. Just so happened a lot of them have come in April even amongst the weeding. 😊

Other areas that the Lockdown has Ignited Creativeness is writing my blogs again, creating a new home office, that I must admit I love coming to work in. (I have got over the fact it used to be my girls’ room) …

As she informed me a few days ago, Mumma if things did not work out with me and my boyfriend, next I will buy my own place… (she would) ha.

To wrap up April and this blog I can truly see the beauty in Lockdown April, even though it’s been difficult at times missing the hugs from my kids and grandkids. Its allowed time for healing on so many levels and a remembrance of what is truly matters to me. Good health being back at the top!

I would like to ask you my lovely, what has changed for you in Lockdown April, and can you see any beauty in it?

You can leave me a comment below?

Much Love

Margaret xx

PS Image –  Sunrise by Margaret MacDonald 🙂

I’ve Never Done Life This Way Before

Ive never done life this way before…

Last year sadly I lost my Dad to cancer and the same year I became an empty nester. In my grieving process I have found it helpful to write again, this is what came to me recently…


I’ve Never Done Life This Way Before

I have never done life this way before

No children to nurture at home

No Dad to drop in and see.

They are all on their own paths now! 

At home, its only me 

I have never done life this way before –

So how do I Know what to do!

Who to help or to who to see?

It has never just been me.

It is all so new to me –

In the newness I will flourish

Wisdom will show me the way.

For she knows what is best for me

I have never done life this way before

It is all so new to me!


After having this insight, I realised that I have not done life like this before, it is a whole new way of living. My Dad was a huge part of my life that is just going to take time to take it in.

One thing I know for sure he would have hated the lock down and probably glad he is out of it 😊.

As well as grieving for my Dad, I went through another grieving process for the empty nest…

It is something I have fully honoured not hurried or rushed. Its real as any loss and it deserves all the compassion you can bring to it.

Maybe you are like me and going through great loss too. If you are (which could even be going through Lockdown grief) please go gentle with yourself…

As always thank you for reading,

Much love

Margaret xx

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Stepping Through Your Comfort Zone

Stepping through your comfort zone (going on London underground alone) Yikes!


Have you ever really wanted to do something and talked yourself right back out of it?

I used to be rather good at this, till I started to see what I was up too.

Fasten your seat belt Goddess were off too London!

A few years ago, I received a bonus invite, to a live event that my own Coach at that time was hosting in London. I knew I really wanted to go, but the thought of going on London underground by myself terrified me!

My past career as a hairstylist we used to travel for Hairdressing events in the big city, I would be with all the girls. They took care of which tube to get on and which zone to be in. I would just follow (even make jokes that if it were left to me who knows where we would land up!

Now a Life Coach, here I was with an amazing opportunity to meet with women from all over the globe (who I had been on a six-month virtual coaching programme with.) I now had the chance to meet them in person, celebrate with them, and get more help with my new Life Coaching business.

So back to my fear of London underground, which was now becoming an adventure for Goddess in the City! I reminded myself constantly of all the places I had travelled too. (alone) How much I enjoy it.

I really Let GO of all the fearful thinking that I had completely made up in my head! (funny how we do that)!

When I booked my train, I started to see myself (my future self) arriving very safely and happy. I saw myself on the tubes buying my ticket, surrounded by happy go lucky people. I asked my Angels for guidance, trusted my own Inner Goddess. From leaving Scotland, arriving at Kings Cross station it was a beautiful experience.

When I arrived at Kings Cross, I saw this guard who I felt guided to ask for help for the next part of the journey. He could not have been more helpful. He gave me the route, the line I needed to go on and told me “it was easy”… it was now time to go UNDERGROUND 🙂

I held on to that, it is easy … 

When I went to buy my ticket for the tube, I looked around at all the other people, who were simply doing what I was doing, looking for the ticket machine, sorting out change. I started to smile from the inside. It came to me; we are all just trying to get to our own “destination ” we are little humans in this under ground station. There is nothing to fear.

I had expected to be surrounded by happy go lucky people and that is exactly what I got…yes even in London’s underground. 

Before I knew it, I sat on my seat on the tube and there was a real ” happy” vibe. I am not going to lie; towards the end of my journey, I got a bit flustered and nearly got off. I started to feel anxious because I had not been paying attention to where I was (ha) lost in the moment, had I missed my stop?

I stood up to get off! Then I heard my guidance, say STAY ON! I sat back down, then I noticed a little map which lights up showing you where the tube would stop next. Yay I could see I was 3 stops away.

This happy little selfie is me when I arrived at the right zone in London, little did I know how much I had moved through my own comfort zone. It also let me see my guidance in a whole new way. Even during panic. I heard it. By moving through my own comfort zone and not falling for the insecure babble. I had the most amazing time ever.

Thankfully, I did not talk myself out of it!

PS I am off to London again in a few weeks for business and pleasure, it is time for this Goddess to get back on that train 🙂


PSPS If you found this helpful leave me a comment below,

Love Margaret xx

I Want To Go

This was my very first prose I WANT TO GO, that got published in a gorgeous book called Fingerprints around twenty years ago. If someone had asked me back, then what is your message.

I would have handed them this book and asked them to read it. I never realised this is what I was doing at the time. I had such a deep desire to write, anywhere any time. Words would arrive in little whispers, that I just wanted to share.

This morning it came to me to read what I had written many moons ago, after reading, I realised this was my message, this is how I have helped women for many years, there is nothing complicated about it, when you are in your own truth, sharing from your own heart, soul, your journey!



There she is, packed up her job!
Off to bloody Greece, to live in a hut
Hoping to find herself-
Yoga this, Tai Chi that!
I feel like a spoilt brat
I’m jealous, I know
I really want to go
I was the one that kept telling her
To go –
Follow that dream
‘You can do anything you want,’
I said
‘Just believe in yourself. ‘
‘Don’t cry, you will be fine!’
‘I know I will.’
I said.

Margaret Anne MacDonald


This was my story, I WANTED TO GO, as it turned out the lady, I wrote about did not go she did not follow her dream.

I did, not quite living in a hut not my style. I opted for six weeks in Gran Canary Islands with my then 5-year-old daughter….at that time I was a single parent exploring moving to Europe and setting up my own business.

It was an experience that I learnt a lot from as well as being an adventure, the choice I made then was to stay in Scotland so my daughter could see her Dad whenever she wanted! Now my daughter is in her last years of her teens, a whole new chapter is opening.

PS Now I would not just hand you a book, I would offer to help you through my Coaching.

If you would like to explore Coaching together, you can email me at

Look forward to hearing from you.

Much love Margaret xx



Do You Trust Your Inner Goddess?

Do you trust your Inner Goddess?

This morning I got the nudge to go for a walk, at one of my favourite little spots, about 5 minutes from where I live to “fill up my cup’ … before I started work.

I had no idea that I would have the most amazing experience ever with three beautiful horses…

As I stopped to watch the horses, they were quite a bit away…they started to play “tig” with each other. One would nudge the other trot off then wait for the other horse to “tig” it. (I found this amazing)

I cannot put into words the feeling I experienced when this beautiful Red horse came over and stood at the fence, her eyes looking into mine…

 Goddess Brigit, that is the name that came to me as our eyes met…

Brigit does not back down … the message the three horses gave me, were to remember have fun, play and Don’t Back Down ….

I could not wait to get to my work today and write to you… I wonder what would have happened if I did not trust my Inner Goddess!

When she nudges you, it is always worth remembering your Inner Goddess knows what is best for you, she will guide you. One simple nudge at a time.

Do you feel the nudge to leave me a comment, you can do this in the comments box below?

Big Goddess Love

Margaret xx


Doing What You Love With a Loving Reminder From My Grandson


Allow me to introduce you to my beautiful grandson Jayden (that is him in the pic)!  He has been doing what he loves. Which led to some of his ARTWORK been displayed on the shop wall.

As well as feeling so proud of my grandson. I had a deep sense of closure, with a new understanding (while I was taking his photo). You see this shop used to be mine, Angelite Complimentary Therapies & Gift shop was its name in 2010.

When I reflect to this time, I see how much more aligned with my life’s work I am now, with a deep sense of freedom, purpose and fulfilment, that just keeps evolving as I do.

I had no idea that I would go on to create, a lifestyle passion-based business, and do what I Love!

What a deep journey of the Soul to discover what you do not want to do any more. If you do not go and try it, you will never know, will you!

My soul was calling me to do more, to travel more to write to Coach and Guide. When I let go of Angelite, it was a difficult time, with a deep sense of relief at the same time.

One of the challenges I faced then was the constant confusion, which really affected my confidence. How can I do what my Soul was calling me to do? I still did not really know what I loved to do (ha) 

The answer came one nudge at a time, when you trust your intuition your own Soul call, be led by it, it will guide you to your own fulfilment.

Filling your CUP with the things that probably will not even feel like work.  That is doing what you love Its a journey, it is a process, that when you step back occasionally…. you can see “just how far you have come”! 

Are you doing what you love? 

Leave me your comment below, I look forward to reading them.


Big Goddess love

Margaret xx


Happy Imbolc Day Goddess

Happy Imbolc day Goddess – February 1st
Celebrating Goddess Brigit whos message is

“Don’t Back Down”
“Stand up for what you believe is right”..

Here is a little more about Brigit for you

Brigit is a Celtic triple goddess, which means that she represents three aspects of women; the young virgin, the nurturing and loving mother and the crone/sage wise women.
Brigit is a fiery Goddess who tirelessly protects all who call upon her, and she’s a feminine counter part to Archangel Michaels warrior energy.
Brigit’s temple is in Kildare, Ireland. She’s celebrated worldwide on February 1. The ancient scared day called ‘Imbolc’ which marks the beginning of spring time and increasing light.

Have an amazing February, Happy Imbolc Day from one Goddess to another…. lots of love light and sparkle Margaret xxx


Wisdom leads the way,we follow,one simple step at a time!

Wisdom leads the way, we follow, one simple step at a time.

You see, we always know what to do next, what we do not always do is TRUST what comes to us. Sometimes it can be so noisy in our heads that we cannot hear our wisdom whispering our guidance to us.

Paying attention to the first step on the stairs is all we need to do, keeping it quite simple. It is all in the moment, this is what gaining clarity feels like, freeing you to open to what you already know to do next.

These beautiful steps are from a Coaching retreat I attended last year in Italy.  I remember these steps; in that moment I saw that it is so easy to try to jump to the top of the stairs without ever taking the first step. There is no rush. When our minds settle down, you start to hear your own simple guidance.

Let me use this blog as example, I heard a whisper to PRINT my draft blogs. I got a good feeling when I heard this whisper. Following my guidance, the blog I was drawn to is the one you are reading right now! I got a huge surprise when I read it. I had written it months ago.

Now I understand seeing the guide in print really touched me, something about it let me see I was not trusting my next step fully. Which is for me to write and hit publish 🙂

Well, I thought if this guide has helped me, who else might it help. Bingo (ha) See how simple it is when you trust what you hear, following what comes to you one simple step at a time.

I would love to hear your thoughts, just leave me a comment below!

Lots of love

Margaret xx



Overcoming Fear of Writing My First Blog

Overcoming fear (and a first blog)

I am doing something I have dreamed about for most of my life (writing) online. I have put it off because I like to write with “a good old-fashioned pen and paper”. Well, that is the story I have been telling myself and believing it…

When the truth is “I’ve been pretty insecure about actually writing my” first ever blog ” using my laptop, typing with one finger at a time! (ha)

Already I feel amazing my words just like with my pen are flowing through me. It is amazing how much we do get in our own way. Stopping our self’s from doing what we love because we think it is true!

What am I afraid off?  What is so scary about writing a blog and letting the whole world see it? (ha) The truth is nothing we make it all up in our imagination. The TRUTH is I am overcoming my imaginary fear, simply by writing and hitting publish.

Does that mean I will want to change it! Yes, I guarantee I will, is it word perfect, I guarantee it is not. I am not letting the fear off not going for it because of what might happen or not happen stop me.

My wisdom has brought me here and if you are reading this your wisdom has guided you here too. (thank you Wisdom) ha. As I am discovering I really can see I am going to enjoy this new part of my work

It is a great question to check in and ask yourself. Is the story I am telling myself True?

It does not matter how big or small the thing you are afraid of is. What matters is that you discover your own truth about your fearful thinking. I can share with you right now my fingers are even kind of dancing off the keyboard now in a magical way. There is no FEAR I had made it up and now feeling joyful!

Why because I am doing what I know has been in my heart my whole life and that is to write to you, whoever you are I hope my words of wisdom guide you to see the truth that is in you. This “is” a special blog IF YOUR READING IT (I hit publish) ha

If you have any thoughts on this first blog attempt, please feel free to comment below.

Love & Magic

Margaret xx