Client Love

 What Margaret’s clients say …

Working with Margaret is a revelation! She helps you to see your truth, and gain true clarity. Rather than giving you the solutions, she helps you to find them for yourself; it’s so empowering!

Katie Oman

Author, Coach & Medium

Meeting Margaret was truly a gift from the Universe.

Because of her, I now know that it’s ok and safe to unleash my Goddess quality and be confident with my authentic beauty. I can now attract more good things and abundance into my life.

She has such an uplifting and vibrant energy.

I highly recommend working with Margaret your life will definitely transform.

Life Coach
Alex Satomi Keely
Huddersfield, UK

I felt when I arrived that I would just go with the flow, I didn’t know what to expect. By the end of the day the words”clarity and confidence” came into my mind.

Margaret’s workshops are always interestingvery enjoyable,  its amazing what information one picks up.


I came to Margaret’s workshop looking for guidance as what path to take in life. During the very relaxed day, I was able to tune in to my inner wisdom and found my next step. My sense of urgency was quelled.

I left feeling serene and motivated.


Before I arrived for Margaret’s workshop “I felt emotionally drained, lacked belief in myself.

By the end of  the retreat, I felt energized, a sense of calmness and confident in myself again.



Happy Goddess on VIP DAY

I felt stressed, unconnected, annoyed and frustrated.

After Margaret’s workshop I felt more at ease with myself.  I had such an inspiring and empowering day.”


    Margaret, you are a star and a joy to be around. Highly recommended.
It’s uplifting for your soul!”

Healer / Holistic Therapist

                                                                                                   “I found today very insightful and inspirational. I feel that the workshop has given me the tools I need to move on and find new opportunity in life and work.”

Natasha Kemp


Enjoyable and insightful workshop.

I left with purpose and next steps to take control over my life.”                                                                         


“I didn’t know what to expect before I went in.  Once I got there and was inside it was very enjoyable.

A brilliant retreat and would come again.  I learned a lot about different things.  Highly recommended.”


Animal lover/ Healer


I’ve found today to be cathartic, insightful and very helpful. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I have really enjoyed my day.”


“A great, fun, enlightening day with like-minded people. 

It was good to hear the stories of people’s lives and what they’ve been through and also the advice and wisdom Margaret gave everybody. 

Thoroughly enjoyed everything about the day 10/10 and a gold star!”


I left feeling positive with a new approach to the future and have my new tools to work on.

A wonderful relaxing, informative day.
Well worth it!”


Testimonial for Margaret