I’ve Never Done Life This Way Before

Ive never done life this way before…

Last year sadly I lost my Dad to cancer and the same year I became an empty nester. In my grieving process I have found it helpful to write again, this is what came to me recently…


I’ve Never Done Life This Way Before

I have never done life this way before

No children to nurture at home

No Dad to drop in and see.

They are all on their own paths now! 

At home, its only me 

I have never done life this way before –

So how do I Know what to do!

Who to help or to who to see?

It has never just been me.

It is all so new to me –

In the newness I will flourish

Wisdom will show me the way.

For she knows what is best for me

I have never done life this way before

It is all so new to me!


After having this insight, I realised that I have not done life like this before, it is a whole new way of living. My Dad was a huge part of my life that is just going to take time to take it in.

One thing I know for sure he would have hated the lock down and probably glad he is out of it 😊.

As well as grieving for my Dad, I went through another grieving process for the empty nest…

It is something I have fully honoured not hurried or rushed. Its real as any loss and it deserves all the compassion you can bring to it.

Maybe you are like me and going through great loss too. If you are (which could even be going through Lockdown grief) please go gentle with yourself…

As always thank you for reading,

Much love

Margaret xx

PS, please feel free to leave me a comment below, or if you prefer email Margaret@goddessinthecity.com

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