Seeing the beauty in Lockdown April 2020

Seeing the beauty in Lockdown April 2020 – is this possible?

First off I want to say my heart goes out to all of the family’s that have truly been effected by Corvid 19 virus and huge thank you to every single person out on the front line, you are all Angels in my eyes…

As April is coming to a close, its time to reflect on all of the amazing things that have happend since going on lockdown and the not so good!

I’m going to start off with Healing…

The lock down so far has allowed me to heal more, in ways I hadn’t even realized that I still needed too. I’ve had time to grieve more for the loss of my Dad, that I didnt even know was still needing to pour out of me!

My body has been healing too. Before the lock down I was getting messages from my feet (yes our body speaks to us, if we listen). Was I paying attention to this ? (not really) Its let me see just how much pain I was in that I ignored.

The difference in my legs and feet are amazing since I’ve had time to realign again over this last 6 weeks.

Are you receiving any messages from your body?  Any form of pain is an indicator its time to pay attention…

Reconnecting with my own Soul speed and not the speed of what I was reacting to.

So many of us do this with out even thinking. Its Yes to this Yes to that and before you know it, all you promised your self didn’t happen again…

Hands up I was caught up in this one, now  I’ve come back to centre again. I’m moving at my own Soul speed, its amazing how fast I was living even though I thought I was going with the flow!

No wonder I was tired! 🙂

How about you beautiful, are you moving at your own Soul speed or are you caught up in the fast lane of life?

Creating & Igniting Joy again even in the midst of grief and the lockdown by playing with miracles and my garden. Behind my garage there was a very unloved part of the garden and to be honest I truly needed a miracle to take this on, and do it by myself.
Long story short, what a transformation already its now called the miracle garden 😊 the next phase is putting lots of love into the soil preparing it for planting herbs veggies and some flowers.

This project (that I put off for 12 years) has brought me so much Joy. To start with lots of tears for my Dad. Allowing tears is so good for you and I personally don’t care when they come. Just so happened a lot of them have come in April even amongst the weeding. 😊

Other areas that the Lockdown has Ignited Creativeness is writing my blogs again, creating a new home office, that I must admit I love coming to work in. (I’ve got over the fact it  used to be  my girls room)…

As she informed me a few days ago, Mumma if things didn’t work out with me and my boyfriend,  next I will buy my own place…(she would) ha

To wrap up April and this blog I can truly see the beauty in Lockdown April, even though its been difficult at times missing the hugs from my kids and grand kids. Its allowed time for healing on so many levels and a remembrance of what is truly matters to me. Good health being back at the top!

I would like to ask you my lovely, what has changed for you in Lockdown April and can you see any beauty in it ?

You can leave me a comment below ?

Much Love

Margaret xx

PS Image –  Sunrise by Margaret MacDonald 🙂



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