Stepping Through Your Comfort Zone

Stepping through your comfort zone (going on London underground alone) 

Have you ever really wanted to do something and talked your self right back out of it ?

I used to be pretty good at this , till I started to see what I was up too.

Fasten your seat belt Goddess were off too London!

A few years  ago I received a bonus invite, to a live event that my own Coach at that time was hosting in London. I knew I really wanted to go, but the thought of going on London underground by myself terrified me! 

My past career as a hairstylist we used to travel for Hairdressing events in the big city, I would be with all of the girls. They took care of which tube to get on and which zone to be in. I would just follow (even make jokes that if  it were left to me who knows where we would land up!

Now a Life Coach, here I was with an amazing opportunity to meet with women from all over the globe (who I had been on a six month virtual coaching programme with.) I now had the chance to meet them in person, celebrate with them, and get more help with my new Life Coaching business.

So back to my fear of  London underground, which was now becoming an adventure for  Goddess in the City! I reminded my self constantly of all the places I  had traveled too. (alone) How much I actually  enjoy it.

I really Let GO of all of the fearful thinking that I had completely made up in my head! (funny how we do that)!

When I booked my train I  started to see myself (my future self ) arriving very safely and very happy. I saw my self on the tubes buying my ticket, surrounded by happy go lucky people. I asked my Angels for guidance, trusted my own Inner Goddess. From leaving Scotland, arriving at Kings Cross station  it was a beautiful experience.

When I  arrived at Kings Cross, I saw this guard who I felt guided to ask for help for the next part of the journey. He couldn’t have been more helpful. He gave me the route, the line I needed to go on and told me “it was easy”… it was now time to go UNDERGROUND 🙂 

I held on to that,  It is easy … 

When I went to buy my ticket for the tube, I looked around at all the other people, who were simply doing what I  was  doing,  looking for the ticket machine, sorting out change.I started to smile from the inside. It came to me, we are all just trying to get to our own “destination ” we are little humans in this under ground station. There is nothing to fear.

I had expected to be surrounded by happy go lucky people and that’s exactly what I got…yes even in London’s underground 

Before I  knew it I sat on my seat on the tube and there was a real ” happy” vibe. Im not going to lie, towards the end of my journey I got a bit flustered and nearly got off. I started  to feel anxious because I hadn’t been paying attention to where I was (ha) lost in the moment, had I  missed my stop ?

I actually stood up to get off! Then I heard my guidance, say STAY ON! I sat back down, then I noticed a little map which lights up showing you where the tube would stop next. Yay I  could see I was 3 stops away. 

This happy little selfie is me when I arrived at the right zone in London, little did I know how much I had moved through my own comfort zone. It also let me see my guidance in a whole new way. Even in the midst of panic. I heard it. By moving through my own  comfort zone and not falling for the insecure babble. I had the most amazing time ever.

Thankfully I didn’t talk myself out of it!

PS Im off to London again n a few weeks for business and pleasure , its time for Goddess in the City to get back on that train 🙂 

PSPS please feel free to leave me your comments Goddess.

Love Margaret xx