Doing What You Love With a Loving Reminder From My Grandson


Allow me to introduce you to my beautiful grandson Jayden (that is him in the pic)!  He has been doing what he loves. Which led to some of his ARTWORK been displayed on the shop wall.

As well as feeling so proud of my grandson. I had a deep sense of closure, with a new understanding (while I was taking his photo). You see this shop used to be mine, Angelite Complimentary Therapies & Gift shop was its name in 2010.

When I reflect to this time, I see how much more aligned with my life’s work I am now, with a deep sense of freedom, purpose and fulfilment, that just keeps evolving as I do.

I had no idea that I would go on to create, a lifestyle passion-based business, and do what I Love!

What a deep journey of the Soul to discover what you do not want to do any more. If you do not go and try it, you will never know, will you!

My soul was calling me to do more, to travel more to write to Coach and Guide. When I let go of Angelite, it was a difficult time, with a deep sense of relief at the same time.

One of the challenges I faced then was the constant confusion, which really affected my confidence. How can I do what my Soul was calling me to do? I still did not really know what I loved to do (ha) 

The answer came one nudge at a time, when you trust your intuition your own Soul call, be led by it, it will guide you to your own fulfilment.

Filling your CUP with the things that probably will not even feel like work.  That is doing what you love Its a journey, it is a process, that when you step back occasionally…. you can see “just how far you have come”! 

Are you doing what you love? 

Leave me your comment below, I look forward to reading them.


Big Goddess love

Margaret xx


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