Do You Trust Your Inner Goddess?

Do you trust your Inner Goddess?

This morning I got the nudge to go for a walk, at one of my favourite little spots, about 5 minutes from where I live to “fill up my cup’ … before I started work.

I had no idea that I would have the most amazing experience ever with three beautiful horses…

As I stopped to watch the horses, they were quite a bit away…they started to play “tig” with each other. One would nudge the other trot off then wait for the other horse to “tig” it. (I found this amazing)

I cannot put into words the feeling I experienced when this beautiful Red horse came over and stood at the fence, her eyes looking into mine…

 Goddess Brigit, that is the name that came to me as our eyes met…

Brigit does not back down … the message the three horses gave me, were to remember have fun, play and Don’t Back Down ….

I could not wait to get to my work today and write to you… I wonder what would have happened if I did not trust my Inner Goddess!

When she nudges you, it is always worth remembering your Inner Goddess knows what is best for you, she will guide you. One simple nudge at a time.

Do you feel the nudge to leave me a comment, you can do this in the comments box below?

Big Goddess Love

Margaret xx


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